We managed to enrich the ‘Cola Cola of Gravina’ exhibition, in the former convent of Saint Sophie, through the creation of an interactive game, “ColaColaProject”.
It recreates, in a virtual environment, the hand coloring of traditional handicrafts, made by the late artist Beniamino Loglisci. This system integrates some elements of game theory in order to create a real ‘serious game’. To implement the software, the Unity game engine was used, a multi-platform integrated authoring tool for creating 3D video games and other interactive contents.


Consorzio Gravina in Murgia
Executive production
Art direction
Massimiliano Cosi
Mauro Bubbico
Exhibition curator
Giuseppe Navedoro

Graphic design
Mauro Bubbico
Game design
Massimiliano Cosi
Game development
Domenico Argentieri
Paasquale Loizzo
3D modeling
Massimiliano Cosi
Motion Graphics
Salvatore Graziani
in-Exhibition photographies
Massimiliano Cosi