A desperate journey i n search of man’s childhood, through prophetic visions and apocalyptic scenarios. An invocation to History, which moves from stories, towards an understanding of the madness of our days.
“Where are you ?” is an experimental audiovisual work, written in verse on a pentagram to give life to tormented characters in the dust of this land.

See bts stills here: Day#1Day#2Day#3.


Archivio Liquido dell’Identit√†
Executive production
Screenwriting and direction
Massimiliano Cosi
Operator, DoP, Editing
Massimiliano Cosi
Original score
Dove sei?, by Organic

Ezio Schiavulli
Palmiriana Sibilia
Nicola Difino
Antonia Mastrodonato
Amos Mastrogiacomo
Lucia Lobifaro
Production co-ordinator
Massimiliano Cosi
Lucia Lobifaro
Production assistants
Gaia Cataldi
Rosa Laddaga
Domenica Rosa
Giuseppe Digennaro
Francesco Leoce
Gaio Ariani
Carmine Calia
Donato Manco
Location scouting
Massimiliano Cosi
Location manager
Marcello Benevento
Camera Assistant
Giuseppe Moliterno
Focus puller, D.i.t.
Salvatore Graziani
Cablecam engineer
Andrea Toriello
VFX & Grading
Salvatore Graziani
Mariella Greco
Rita Grieco
Oriana Medolla
Hair stylist
Silvano Sette
Michela Santoro