Superubano was an international exhibition on urban regeneration, created at the end of 2011 in Padua and exported a year later to Gravina in Puglia, thanks to the effort of the collective ‘Siamo Tutti Tufi’ and its participatory urban planning laboratory, ‘Gravina Borderline’.
We created multimedia tools and the video viral campaign.

At the three international sections, the exhibition then flanked a focus on the host city, with a room called ‘Vision Room’, where the Gravina Borderline laboratory presented the progress of its research on the redevelopment of the historic center and the “margin”.
For this environment we wanted to recreate the intimacy, the sacredness of the architect-designer’s study, placing in the middle of the room a large reclining drawing table, customized for the occasion by removing the measuring instruments (team and protractor) and the application on the two sides of the pointing lights panel with articulated arm.
We then surmounted the central entrance with a bracket fixed to the wall, on which was placed a 3000 ansi lumens FullHd projector pointed in the direction of the drawing table. Finally we placed two studio monitors at the corners of the room and dampened with a black cloth the well of light coming from an opening in the north wall.
The idea behind the exhibition was therefore to map the table in order to project the short Gravina Borderline. The Vision, which we were meanwhile shooting. The room has thus turned into a real window on the ravine, also exploiting the perspective concatenation created by the corridor that, starting from the central axis of the entrance, continued along the south side of the hypogea leading into a large facing environment, probably used in the past for the preservation of foodstuffs.
The scenic effect of this large light source served as a reference point in the visit to the labyrinthine hypogeum, as well as attracting attraction to the most important section of the exhibition.


Art direction
Massimiliano Cosi

Massimiliano Cosi
Editing + FX
Salvatore Graziani
Giuseppe Moliterno
3D design
Salvatore Graziani
3D texturing
Giuseppe Digennaro
Gianna Lavenuta